We are looking for a web site development company due to we are primarily a Marketing group. Many of our clients need site construction, enhancements, server management, banners, etc. We have NO interest in providing this type of service.

We will be handing over established clients looking to spend from $750-$25,000. Our clients are strictly in a niche field.

How the pitch works:

They contact us for marketing and if they need a site or enhancements we mention there is only ONE company that can provide this service (yours) in our niche market. We immediately contact you and forward all client contact information. From this point on the client is now YOURS. Meaning youíre billing them for your service not us.

What we want:

A ONE time 20% gross of the project referral fee or credit for work in our network. of sites.

A strong sales person that we can communicate in your company that is flexible to understand/learn our niche industry trade talk. Preferably male due to our clients are Good ole boys.

Your company has to be in business for at least 2 years and clear BBB, DBA, and LexisNexis check. Also, your company has to be in the US or Canada due to our clients prefer to keep funds in NA. The clientís knowledge on the Internet, web sites, and even computers is at times very limited. Many donít have a clue on what they want and looking for your suggestions. Meaning: hand holding and patience is a must for some clients.


This is a seasonal (one 4 month and one 3 month) business and not uncommon to get 20-50 clients/projects a month. If your company can do all this then we have a clients for you TODAY.

Thank you for your time,

Dave H
1-888 660-8728
ICQ 347-868-296
[email protected]