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    dedicated server with good support seeking

    i have dedicated servers on and but i am happy about them.

    ev1 setup machine wrong we live too many problems. their bandwith is very well. is discusting!!!! awful support, slow bandwith, and stupid personel. they unplugged my server whenever they want. they says there is spam and they send a warning mail to me and say reply this or we unplugged your server within 12 hours but i am in Turkey so when they send warning mail it is not daytime here so when i come to office i see that my server is not working. when i send them trouble ticket then they are not working. all clients wanna kill me.

    i setup tweak settings to 150 mail per hour for every domain. how can i stop spams anymore????

    i want a dedicated server that have responsibility and professional support system.

    anybody can offer something??

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    I would recommend LiquidWeb. I've been with them for just over 2 months and I've been nothing but impressed with their excellent, and I mean excellent support and service!

    Every time I've filed a support ticket, I've always received a reply within 5 mins - 1 hour at the most, and they have always gone that little bit further to solve the problem. With the server itself, I am amazed; not only did they give a great deal, but everything was also setup within 24-48 hours.

    The only downside is that they are a bit pricey, but it's worth it in the long run!


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    258 it's relly ALL managed!

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    my server is not it is

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    Originally posted by verus
    my server is not it is
    I see! I recomend

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    I would recommend (resellerworkz formally) excellent support and good prices. I'v been with them for 8 months now.

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    I had a server with Wholesaleinternet, I feel Aaron and James support have the personal touch and they are responsible and responsive guys.

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    I recommend Awesome prices, 4500gig transfer... ive used them for over a year now.
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