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    Cheapest Server Around ... Please HELP!!!!!

    Hello , Well i got 1 server already and i will like to get a second one u guys did right the first time pointing me to the right place even tho i have had some problems so i need ur help again......

    First Requirement for new Server

    Win 2003 For VNC and managing the server

    Unmanaged will work fine


    P3 or Below

    512 RAM

    40 GIG or Bellow

    1TB bandwith will work fine or Bellow

    I will be using this server for real real small game servers between 6-8 players at one time so the server power is not so important a good Line is we use to own a p4 3.0 1gig ram and the bill was just to much for the amount of players .... we cant really ran it on our DSL , Cable lines because those are only about 40-50 k up speed
    i dont care about system as long as it has 256-512 RAM + 40 GIG space + Win 2003 + and a 10mps or 100mps The lowest price u think i can find this server will be fine

    The game will be Nascar Simracing , And or Battlefield Vietnam once again this server will be for only a low amount of players

    if u are a company and u think u have something like this laying around the DC please PM this is pretty important since we all want to go back to playing our games

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    Hey there,

    What price range are you looking at for the server?


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    CHEAP!!!!!! $70 a month total maybe $80 since it has WIN 2003 and i know that usually $20 - 30 dollars

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    Okay, take a look at They have a few cheap entry level servers with fairly nice features

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    if support and uptime are important to you you might want to increase your budget a little
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    Thanks HiVelocity that is my main concern ... thats why im cutting down on the server to save money on the service

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