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    MediaTemple sign-up process...already 24 hrs..not looking good..

    About 24 hours ago, I signed up a shared hosting account with MediaTemple. No acknowledgement email. 18 hours later I submit an email inquiring and all I get is an autoresponder. It's now 24 hours and nothing. Their website says the account will be set up within 24 hours.

    One thing web hosts should bear in mind is that new sign-ups are like first impressions and first impressions are very important in overall customer satisfaction and acceptance. If you're going to set up accounts in 24 hours, then claim within one week. if you're going to set up accounts in 1 hour, then claim 24 hours. That way customers will feel that the host has exceeded his expectation.

    I can't remember many hosts for excellent response times (site5 stood out once) but one that stands out till today (whether it's account creation, pre-sales, support or account termination) is ICDSoft. Awesome.

    Just my two cents...

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    Nothing worse then waiting for a new account to be processed but sometimes hosts will send out the welcome letter and it goes into the spam folder. It is worth a shot to look but if it isn't there, try and call them or try there chat if they have it available. Good luck with it.

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    I don't filter spam so no chance of that...

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    Did you call them up to see why your account has not yet been activated?

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    Looks like they have 24 hour phone support, maybe try to call them to see whats up.

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    I'm halfway around the world; don't really see the need to call when email is near instant. Can't be a credit card problem since i used my US bank to inspire confidence!

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    It may be a fraudcall-related issue. Did you give them a phone number you can be reached at? TO give the devil his due, many hosts do not have automated setup due to the large amount of fraud these days. I would email them at least...


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    yes, i gave them my phone number and they of course have my email address.

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    Hopefully your account will get setup soon.
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    I don't know the issue why they would not reply to you within a few hours at the most but something you said caught me.

    I'm halfway around the world; don't really see the need to call when email is near instant. Can't be a credit card problem since i used my US bank to inspire confidence!
    How would this create confidence? If I got a sign up and your IP address was "half way around the world" and your CC was from a USA bank there might be a delay. You said you signed up 24 hours ago, maybe they are clearing it with the bank?? maybe the bank can't verify on the weekend?

    I am in no way saying that not at least responding is proper. Also you said you did not get a confirmation when you signed up, maybe the process did not complete did you check with your bank to see if they put a hold on your money for that amount? Maybe bill has not answered you because they can't find your sign up because it did not process and they did not want to answer without having something to tell you?

    These are all Questions that no one but the company can answer.

    Good luck

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    I currently have an account with MediaTemple and I got my welcome email in 1 hour, that's strange.

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    GWD Guy: point taken.

    anyway, I got my welcome mail Sunday around noon Sunday (US PST). Another email with account info followed. Not a great first impression but I will see how it goes. Thanks for the replies, all.

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    hi plal,

    I'm inerested to know what your impressions of MediaTemple are at this point? Speed? Uptime? Features? etc.


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    I closed my account a few days later. Their speed & uptime are very good indeed. I did not like the fact that I had to request FrontPage extensions - modern CPs should allow this and I also found their layered CP a bit confusing to use. But if you're experienced or a tecchie, it should be smooth sailing with them. They are real gentlemen when it comes to refunds. Highly recommneded. I host primarily with Site5 but want a secondary host - am now looking at - very interesting. Aussie Bob goes out of his way to please customers!

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