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    Outsourced support for game servers?

    I'm doing initial research for a venture that won't take shape for a year or two, but I'd appreciate any responses.

    I posted a similar question a while back (November), but I got absolutely no response so I'm going to try again.

    To existing game server providers: Would you consider outsourcing your support to an external company? Why or why not?

    To existing hosts considering game hosting: Would allowing you to outsource your support to an external company help convince you to begin hosting game servers? Why or why not?

    What games and game server control panels would you want supported?

    If you don't mind me contacting you with additional questions down the line (only once if ever at all, I promise), please either reply here saying it's okay to contact you or leave me a PM.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Save the expenses to find good techs full-time and overall costs.
    Save your time to deal with your customers.
    Less overhead, increase net profit.
    You can avail Short term solution for support if required, when you're going on vacation or holiday.
    It allow game server provider to offer true support of 24/7/365 through outsourcing.

    Why Not?

    Increase your dependability to outsource company.
    They’re offering support for quality of service and support which is not guaranteed (shouldn’t be a problem with good outsourcing companies)
    The techs may not answer fluent & security/liability issues (shouldn’t be a problem with good outsourcing companies)

    What game can be supported?

    I guess the size of game logs which can be generated per day for 5000 players close to 1GB, like multiplayer online poker and few others.
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    There are a few great advantages, namely avoiding kids who beg for a lower ping or price. The disadvantage is that they will bug the techs about the same issues, and if they find the techs distant, they may leave, or b. if the techs are billing by ticket, major problems arrive if the kid makes a ticket about every little thing.

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    I wouldnt mind helping start that or working on that but I wouldnt outsource as I would rather havemy own techs that Iknow more personally and can get freindly with customers, with large outsourcing that rarely happens as a different tech can reply every time.

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