Hello All,

I am currently looking for Tutorial/Article Authors for my site: http://www.webdevtutorial.com .

The site is currently only catering Photoshop Tutorials but I would be interested in articles/tutorials in other categories as well.

All articles/tutorials MUST be related to Web Development and must be UNIQUE. I do not want articles/tutorials which are a direct copy off another site.

Topics which I would be interested in:

Graphic Design:
-Web design
-Print Design
-3d Design
-Flash and Animation Design

Will accept other languages but mostly considering php tutorials only.


We categorize staff under 2 distinct categories:

For those that create short/simple tutorials you will receive:

We will be making alittle staff profile under the Staff link where we will be providing a little background info on each of our Staff and also be able to advertise themselves and their sites on that page. Also at the end of the article/tutorial, you will be able to provide a short background info about yourself and your sites for advertising.

Also each staff will receive a small hosting plan for personal use.

For those that can create tutorials/articles which are unique and descriptive:

All of the benefits above plus I am willing to pay $10-20 per tutorial/article you write. Payment is via paypal and paid after tutorial is approved.

Also it will be a plus that tutorial authors know abit of HTML since our backend system utilizes HTML comments to format the tutorials.

Please contact me via the methods in my signature or email me at: jobs ( @ ) vb8.net -> without the () and spaces.

Thanks alot,