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    Exclamation HELP...affordable hosting needed

    please refer to my posts in this thread:

    The thread is called "two thums up for pixiehost" which obviously changed.....dramatically.

    Any suggestions are appreciated! thanks!

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    The community could help you more if we knew your specific site requirements and the budget you can afford.
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    Originally posted by pixelized
    The community could help you more if we knew your specific site requirements and the budget you can afford.
    Without that we can't help you much!

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    Do you have any idea what kind of space and bandwidth you were using. I am sure you can find a new host quick but only with a little more info on your needs.

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    oh boy i am in trouble....i haven't looked at my stats in probably....years??

    I have usually about 200 members visiting daily but i have no clue about how many guests...etc.... i have probably thousands of pageloads a day.

    I am no help at all

    As for space i had a database plus you know the whole forum forum was pretty large with about 100 categories....who knows how many thousand threads and posts (about 400 posts a day)
    I know all this isn't helping. I am in trouble..i checked my database it's 53 megs....and the components are about 125 megs

    bandwidth....i have no clue

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    I've been using surpass hosting for 2-1/2 years and I'm happy with their services and prices:

    Their forums:

    Good luck! WHT is a good place to find a host that's for sure!

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    Hope you can find the right host for you, especially with a good sized forum like that Good luck
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    thanks. i will check out those sources...just keep 'em coming.

    right now i have to figure out how to pay for the host to get things back to normal.

    I miss my forum!!!!!!

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    I know now what i had.

    I need 5 gigs of space and 100 gigs transfer.

    and my forum is PHP so it should support that.

    If you know anything please let me know!

    thanks in advance.

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    hmmm.... you do know that its kinda hard to use a 100 gigs off transfer with only 5 gs of space.

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    well i don't care about the space since i hardly use any the transfer is important.

    i found this offer in this thread

    does anyone know about this or tried/uses this host?


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