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    Question EagerHost - Thoughts?

    Hi everyone,
    What is everyone's opinion of EagerHost? I am looking at their reseller packages (not to become a host, but because it's a great deal for hosting many websites).

    Are they reliable? How is their support? Are there servers fast and contain up-to-date software?

    Thanks very much,
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    Looks like good rates but anybuddy can say anything only after testing them so go ahead and test them. And one thing which I am sure they are new in industry or may be they made that site just some time before.
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    The problem is that their prices seem... really small. I found these guys by clicking on an advert by mistake (funny huh).

    Additionally, from that advert, I have a 50% coupon code that lasts forever.

    "You get what you pay for" is ringing in my head.
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    "I have a 50% coupon code that lasts forever." if it mean that you get 50% off on rate which is on site then I don't think anybuddy can provide good services. They already very cheap.

    Now it's on you if you want to test then do it
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