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    Database Reporting

    Im looking for some database reporting software. Currently I can think of Crystal Reports being one of the biggest. Im trying to think of others I would like to create reports for php and possible under .net havn't decided yet.

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    are you completely against making your own?

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    I have created reports with Crystal and .NET! I would say go for it. It works fine and is easy to use. When you search on Google you will find several CrystalReports wrappers which make it very easy to export documents to HTML, Excel, Word or PDF. Another big advantage of using CrystalReports with .NET is that it's free. With VisualStudio.NET comes the CrystalReports designer (integratis in VS.NET) and viewers for ASP.NET and Windows Forms. You can redistribute these without any costs. If you need more help you can always ask me.
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