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    Banning MAC Address

    Is it possible to ban someone's MAC address from website? There are so many annoying people who came and posted bad stuffs in my forum. I've tried ban their IP's but they still can get in then I tried to ban their ISP but the bad news that they were using public computer so If I banned their ISP, other computer couldn't get in. I just wonder to know is there a software which can filter out the MAC address and ban it forever?

    I'm new here so if I've posted in wrong place, please move my thread and again I do appreciate for your guys help

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    Is the MAC address even reported to the server ?

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    Originally posted by ahmedaf
    Is the MAC address even reported to the server ?
    Yes but i don't know how to ban them ;(

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    It's not possible.
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    How is this mac address being reported to you?

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    You can ban in email signups Still won't stop them using hotmail etc but if it is MAC you are concerned about, go for it
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    MAC addresses are used for point to point communications. This means that whatever computer (or router) you are wanting to ban will have to connect directly to your server. There would have to be a cable running from that device and connected directly to your server. I don't figure this is the case.

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    MAC addresses will not leave your LAN and is a method for sending data to computers which are physically connected to the same switching device(s). MAC addresses are NOT transmitted over the internet, through routers.
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    Not to mention it is trivial to change a MAC address... On most Windows NIC's drivers, it's a driver option, and on *NIX it's a single command line.

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