- CompleteSSL certificate special offer:

* 10% off all orders
* All orders fully validated
* 3 free extra months added to any certificate validity period:
- 1 yr (12 month) => 15 months
- 2 yr (24 month) => 27 months
- 3 yr (36 month) => 39 months
* 30 day free trial certificates available.
* Over 99% Browser compatibility
* Free certificates re-issuances for the life of your certificate.
This mean in the even of a server crash, certificate/private key loss, or server move we will re-issue a new certificate at no charge so you can re-install your certificate. Other certificate providers offer 30 day or in some cases NO re-issuances for lost or damaged certificates.
* Free site identity trustlogo on all 1 year certificates over $64.
Other companies charge as much as $69, $128, or even $149 for a comparable ssl certificate with site identity seal.

Enter coupon code wht during the order process to access the 10% discount. Credit card and Paypal accepted.

Additional savings available for 2 & 3 certificates.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

This offer good until July 31st 2005