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    I am selling two free web-based proxy websites as a package.

    Traffic/Ranking info is PR 4 is PR 3

    Together, both sites average 1000 unique visitors per day. (FireProx gets around 500-600 while IEproxy around 300-400)

    Revenue comes from Adense and BUDSinc.

    Both sites were started in mid-May so I only have full month stats for June.

    In May (for a 15 day period) adsense earned $30 while BUDS brough in $24.
    In June, adsense earned $58 while BUDS brough in $41.

    In July Buds ins started having problems and often ads are not appearing, therefore, so far buds only earned $10 this month. Any different ad network should perform much better. The traffic has not dropped from may/june to july, but buds inc began serving less.
    Adsense earned a total of $15 this month.


    I am looking for high $xxx

    Both domains hosted at namecheap

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    Can I see some webstatistics for both of these sites?

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