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    * Hosts, packages & unix etc (confused newbie)


    I'm totally new to web design and I currently have a free Bravenet website (which I made using their simple 'web wizard' tool).

    I'm looking for a web hosting package which would give me a fair amount of space and be very reliable (as I'd need it for hosting a picture gallery and for downloading images into Ebay), but I've no idea who to go with and what I should be looking for...

    I know enough html to make decent web pages up, but I don't know exactly how to store and send finished pages if you know what I mean. I don't know about using FTP etc so I'd be wanting a host that offers some kind of editing program like Bravenet does (one that still gives you total freedom to design though, NOT templates).

    If anyone knows what I'm talking about then can you recommend any good hosts?

    Oh yeah, and could someone please explain to me what these packages are?: I'm not allowed to post a link yet, but they're from Storm Internet

    Are unix, asp etc just platforms for hosting your website, or is it like a program which you need to learn? I mean, can you make up an ASP hosted site with normal html?


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    Are unix, asp etc just platforms for hosting your website, or is it like a program which you need to learn? I mean, can you make up an ASP hosted site with normal html?
    Unix is an operating system base, in contrast to windows. Unix is open source for the most part and such operating systems of Linux, and FreeBSD to name a couple are based from unix. ASP is active server page(s) (If i recall the abbreviation correctly, never had a need for asp support for a few years now in fact) and is something developed/maintained by MicroSoft. HTML is typically not going to be ASP and same goes vice versa. In any case you will want to use google a bit and do some research into things to educate yourself a bit more I think at this point (no offense intended of course). Educated buyers tend to get conned less often and I should believe you would rather know what you're looking for then have to have others tell you what you want (as everyone typically knows their needs better then 3rd parties do in many cases).

    Just some words of advice, research, research, and when you think you have done enough research some more.

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    Vdeck and cpanel have file manager on them, so you can just click on the file and upload like you are looking for a file on your computer. FTP is pretty simple. I use smart-ftp which is pretty easy. When you sign up with your host, they will give you all the information you need to know about uploading files to your site via FTP. Unix and Windows are OS systems on the servers. You won't have to worry about that unless you own or manage your own server. Check out the Shared Hosting section, bunches of info

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    Look for webhosts who have built in file managers which permits you to browse your computer, than select your html file and press upload. That easy.

    Are you also looking for a sitebuilder? I'm not sure I understood correctly.

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    Yes, cpanel is a type of control panel which comes with many hosting accounts. For instance, Micfo uses it. And Site5 has a customized version of it (I believe it is) - anyway, very user-friendly.

    Most web hosts use Unix-based servers rather than Windows. This is because they find Unix a more reliable operating system, I guess. (It doesn't matter if you have a Windows computer at home, works fine anyway.)
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I've been trying to learn all I can, but just when I think I've got things sorted out, I learn something new which screws up what I already know! I admit that I'm impatient & easily bored too and a lot of what I've been reading (mysql, unix etc) has been going in one ear and out the other unfortunately!

    Royalty Hosting ~ I'm trying to avoid using a site builder tool since they seem a bit restrictive. I made my Bravenet website using that and it's a real pain since I can only change the look of it and not the positioning/set-up etc. I would like a file manager though.

    Storm Internet seem very cheap, but maybe I should stick with Bravenet or similar unti I've learned a bit more...

    Thanks for your help.

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