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    PHP script to send a MESSAGE to a cell phone???

    Hi guys,
    I am curious about services like and

    First off they charge an arm and a leg for such a simple service, and I do not have money to spend on a monthly fee of like 10-20 dollars for monitoring my server ONCE an hour.

    I want to find or develop a script that checks ONLY my servers every minute, and if it cannot be loaded properly or the server is hung or crashed apache, I want it to dispatch a message to my AIM sn, my email address and or my CELL PHONE (t-mobile).

    I currently do not have any instant messenging services on my cell phone, I really do not have 5.00 a month even to spend on that.

    But there are websites online that I am a part of and when someone sends me a message in this community, I get a "502, or 503 or 504" message on my cell phone, saying someone has sent me a private email. How do they do this first off?

    Is there a email address that I have on my cell phone for recieving pages that I don't know about? How can I find it out? ( I will try contacting t-mobile on monday but I am seeing if anyone here knows, they have a 20 minute wait time).

    And are there any php or any other kind of SCRIPTS or software for linux or windows I can purchase or get free GPL/GNU or whatever that can do something like this with a little modification? I don't mind one time fees I just hate monthly billings and I am cutting down on recurring fees.

    Thanks in advance.

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    here is a free solution for sending messages to your cellphone,

    I found this from a google result for the instant messaging problem:

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    i wonder if php has a function for that

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    You could use TeleFlip to allow users to send Text Messages to each other by creating a simple Form and a bit of PHP.

    All you need to do is define two $variables from a form for example:
    PHP Code:
    And then submit that form too a simple email script which would send the email for you to the right number. Pretty simple really. Im sure you can figure it out. If you need any help, give me a shout!

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    A great site by opera.mp3. Thanks

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