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    People are downloading 2CO products FREE...

    If you are using 2CheckOut as payment processor,
    you need to read this asap:


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    Exclamation words, only emotions

    if its not a joke, then its a scam/trojan/sniffer/back orifice whatver

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    If you can keep '?demo' to real 2CO order link , a person can go thru order process perfectly WITHOUT charging of his CC and go to download product page.

    In this case you will receive a sales receipt (with a note, 'this is demo purchase. No cc charged'). But no sale reported in your 2CO panel. So its thats easy to download the products with 2CO

    I submitted a support ticket to 2CO regarding this. They said its possible. After two times experience, I changed product download to 'Release after admin approval' in my product download panel.
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