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    how to format price field in a form


    How can I format a price field in such a way what when ever the user enter a digit 5 it turns in to 5,000 and if the user enters 5500 it turns 5,500 and so on.

    am using ASP VBScript / dreamweaver MX


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    If you want it to format itself "instantly", then you will need to use javascript, not ASP (or any other serverside code).

    You should google 'javascript format text'
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    Also, remember that not everybody formats currency values the same way. For example:

    123,456.78 is formated for the locale en_US
    123.456,78 is in the locale of de_DE
    123 456,78 is in the locale of fr_FR

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    no way of doing that in ASP?, yes and i want it instantly, I thought it is possible by somthing like input mask?

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