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    Arrow >>> 2 Professional Templates [Need quick sale]


    I am selling 2 Unique templates. I will accept all reasonable offers for them. Feel free to make an offer. You can pm me also.

    Template 1

    View Design

    Template 2

    View Design

    Files Included:

    All necessary fonts
    Full Rights

    Payment through Paypal only.

    Thank you

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    The first one is very nice, I think you get that one sold pretty fast
    Second one isn't bad either, but not as nice as #1

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    I actually like #2 more - very clean straight to the point - good luck with the sale BOTH are good.

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    hmm not bad

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    i like em both. very clean and pro looking. goodluck with the sale - Defiant to Boundaries
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    pm me for template 2 i may take that i want to know what price u are lookin for it and if u have it html coded.

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    Please check your pm pcrepairguy.

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    Both the designs are still available. Please feel free to Pm me. I am looking arround $70-80 for template1 and $90-100 for template 2.

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    would take 2 for $65 if it was html coded ready for easy editing.

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    Please check your pm pcrepairguy.

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    check ur pm now

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    Template 1 is still available.Price: $50.

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