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    Question Online Money Transfer to Taiwan?

    Is thete a safe an reliable online money transfer for Taiwan. I need to send under $200. I do not want to use

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    Western Union ?

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    How about Paypal?

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    recipient does not have paypal and is not net savvy. Is there any option other than paypal or western union?
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    I would prefer Western Union.

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    offline: moneygram



    If you are in the states, you can actualy just use your creditcard to send the money via western union or moneygram which the recipient can easily collect over the counter in his/hers home country.

    If you are not in the states, well you might have to go to a physical office to to the payment.

    Or just buy a pre-payed visa or mastercard and send it by post.
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    Id just post the money then International money orders etc will take 3 - 4 weeks to clear in Taiwan. Cost of Western Union is going to be very high possiblye $50 - $90 USD and a bank wire will cost around $30 - $40 USD in fees on both ends. Its a lot when compared against $200 USD.

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