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    Proxy Blacklist Daily updating script?

    Where can i get ahold of a proxy blacklist? I wanna block proxies the best i can off my website. I understand i cannot block EVERY proxy but i need a way to kill all proxies from popular proxy sites, - Hot Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

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    You might want to be careful with proxies....

    Some people dont have a choice but to use proxy servers as it is all that their ISP's provide them with.
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    I think the original poster is looking for a list of open, unsecured proxy serveres. Any decent ISP won't let anonymous users utilize the server(s), only people within their IP blocks.
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    There are lots of blacklists, but you will want to be careful to use only those who list insecure, open proxies by single IP addresses, and not all proxies or IP blocks or you will end up blocking major ISPs (like AOL). lists several.

    New open proxies show up every day, so the only reliable way to detect them is to write code which attempts to USE the originating IP as an open proxy... but then you might also find your own server blocked at many people's firewalls for port scanning.
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