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    Form Help!

    Hi folks,

    I would like to create a simple form which will allow people to enter an invoice number, click submit, and then allow them to download or view the invoice (which ever is easiest to code for).

    Would either of those options work?

    The invoices are in .PDF format, and the file name is the invoice number, and all invoices will be stored in the same folder, .i.e. /invoices !!!

    Any help on form creation would be appreciated, as I donít really know what I am doing!


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    Hey there,

    I can't help you a lot here, but I have found two websites that you might be able to look at which may help you.

    Take a look at those


    --> EDIT: Sorry, this is using PHP as the scripting language

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    Have you tried a CMS? Just a thought....

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    First, I would presume that you are protecting this in some way so only the recipient of the invoice will be given authority to access it. One way to do this is to simply provide a link to the .pdf file after the user logs in. A better way to do this, though, would be to convert the PDF file to a web page (so it can be better protected), using one of the utilities previously mentioned.
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    You would need a script of some kind to do that. I imagine you are not on a high budget, so getting a custom build script is out of mind. But why not look at all ready made scripts at HotScripts (

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    Even if you are on a small budget, I may be willing to work with you for a cheap cost, because its not that hard to do... so just PM or email me if interested..

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