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    Need help really fast


    I need help to install SW sitebuilder V 2.0 The thing is that I need the help really fast.... if not I'm going to wait till the next business day and place a regular support call..

    I'm willing to pay 20 bucks for helping out. A linux guru guy could install this software really fast but I'm not a linux guru.

    Anyway if you want to help me withing the next hour PM me I'm going to be online for another hour waiting for somebody.

    The problem is that even when I went to my WHM in Cpanel and installed and reinstalled httpd on the rpm's section on cpanel when I go and try to finish the command in my shell account to finish the script it returns,

    Error: failed dependencies.
    httpd is needed by Sitebuilder-2.0..........

    Can anyone help me out to install this piece of software.. ?
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    so you are failing on this part?

    try doing "--nodeps" on step 3
    if($php !== $javascript){
    echo "Good it's not supposed to be";

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    can you tell me the syntax?

    The instructions says tu run the rpm with -Uhv not sure on the syntax for that command ... can you tell me?
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    rpm -Uvh --nodeps
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