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    Keeping domain safe?

    I just register a domain recently and want to know how to avoid losing my domain name.

    Any tips on keeping your domain safe from being hijack?


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    lock it
    make sure u use real info on whois
    recommended not to use free email providers as they easy to get hacked
    make sure you are with trusted registrar/reseller that doesn't change the whois info and POOF disapear

    good luck and Welcome to WebHostingTalk
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    lock it at the registrar.

    make sure you always have access to the registrant email, and check it regularly.

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    Also I think it is a good idea to choose a Registrar who sends you the notification is Lock option is changed or Contact information in the whois is modified
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    You should use a complex password and should use a secure email address during registration your domain name. You should report immediately to your Registrar if you experience any suspicious activity on it. You should lock it with the registrar as suggested by other members. Don’t forget to get renewals of your domain before it expires.

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    You got top tips from the people here, losaahead. Let me add to

    Aside from securing your domain name, make sure to secure your
    computer as well. Malware, spyware, antivirus, firewall, you name

    And of course, establish a network of contacts to help you and
    spread word around. And that's where the good loveable people
    here come in!

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    Or chose a registrar using paperworks, then only your very signature can ever make an ownership transfer proceed. I think that does this.

    Other than that: domainlocking, and don't visit any filthy or insecure sites or don't download illegal stuff as they usually bring spyware. So no more Kazaa for you Though most spyware don't pass on passwords ; better not take too many risks though.

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    Thanks for all the great information everyone.

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    How about keeping it up to date look below

    ie. Pay for it maybe for five years at a time and DO NOT LET IT EXPIRE

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    wooow - lots of great advices! Nothing left for me

    Good advice davezan!
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