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    Looking for Monthly Server Management Company

    We are a new company and looking to offer fully managed services to go with our dedicated servers. What we would like is find a company that offers managed services for our customers. We do not have the experience or time to handle this. So what we are thinking is a set price a month for every server we sell that is managed. This fee is what we will charge the customer and it will go straight to the company we work a deal with.

    Servers we sell come with Fedora Core 1, 2, 3 and 4, RH 9.0, CentOS 3 and 4, FreeBSD and Windows 2003. The control panels we offer are Esinim for Linux and Windows. Plesk for Linux and Windows. cPanel/WMH with Fantastico and XController.

    So we expect that who ever responds to this add will need experience in all areas. So please send your fees, experience, references and what you would offer to our customers to [email protected]. Thank You for all who response to this adds.

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    We can provide you with the needed management & Security services .

    Our regular price is $60 monthly per server.

    Contact our sales dept at : Sales AT

    ٍSecurityWay.Net Managed Solutions
    Linux Security,Domain Registration Service,eNom Reseller Account from an ETP.
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    Hello Deepbluehosting,

    We tried the 3 most important outsourcing companies listed on this forum and I can tell you that root support is definitely the best : .

    What I like about them is the fact they are connected on MSN 24 hours a day and if you have a problem they WON'T ask you to log a ticket they will answer it immediately! Our clients love them and they gave them a score of 4.5/5 for the quality of their answer what is really good!

    They offer a 7 days free trial! Try it and I promess you will stick with them. Root support is one of the main reason why we succeed in the web hosting business.

    Cheers !

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    I agree Northrex,

    They have been the best till date. Highly recommended. They just dont work for you, they become a part of your organization. Very friendly support. They get issues solved in no time. Not only they solve the issues, they see to it that the client gets complete satisfaction. I guess thats what we need to grow our business. We have been working with them since 2 years.


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    We have used Slashome Technologies ( for nearly a year now and really like them. Unlike other offshore techs who just "don't get it" we don't have any problems working with these guys on our queues. They are a lifesaver, especially on busy days when our own techs get swamped.

    Contact Praveen at psk <at> for more details.

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