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    Need Suggest about

    Hi, i am a reseller last two years, and now have many accounts in some well known resellers. Last week i have serious problems, *********** come down ( with three sites of customers without backup) , and now having problems with my cheap resellers backup ( gazzin, two reseller packs in different servers), the little problem i have, is my other cpanel resellers are nearly full and i dont want put more sites here.

    Maybe you question why i dont go VPS , reason in simple, redundancy. I have not panic when a reseller go out of business, different classes c servers give me a extra time for think; but i cant expand the current for some reasons...

    At the moment i have bad experience with:

    server-united ( vanished two weeks)
    *********** ( lol, check threads)
    inetter ( liar, bad service, poofs ...)
    globe-domain ( because corrupts cpanels)
    123reseller (plesk, i get today my email satured with spam)

    Neutral with
    gazzin ( last three days a nightmare, i think cancel both)

    All ok:
    Bright-byte ( lack fast support and antivirus) (dadmin, cpanel , helm)
    hostserver ( too cheap.. but good for emergencies )
    servercube (plesk)

    My problem is.. i need with near urgency ( want sign and pay 15-16 of this month ) a cpanel reseller with some specific needs, but normal ones.


    1) private nameservers
    2) 1-2 gb dsk 10 -20 gb , 12-24 usd monthly
    3) cpanel with antivirus
    4) horde ( one of my customers need this )
    5) IMAP desirable but no needed.
    6) Company with more than a year in the business.

    Have you some suggestion ? cant be one of the guys i tried before or one of the guys i have now. I need guys you suggest resellers packs you use, no auto publicity of newbies, please... but accept publicity if is of a more than one old year business.

    Cant experiment because i am near of lost a customer for the bad change to gazzin form ***********, need relocate him as soon as possible.

    BTW, if anyone have news of *********** please post in the thread of these theme, i want know more of them.

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    Hey Licantropo,

    I personally use and have had great service from then They provide good support, with no noticeable downtime and I think thye can work something out with you,

    so, yeah thats my personal suggestion, i'd check him out and contact them and see what they can do

    GL on your search

    also, the ***"s out your host cause its a bad one
    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

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    I check in a second =)

    **** = unit hosting, go well near a year, but sunday kaput ... and no notice.

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    What happen to Gazzin. I would like to hear if you can explain a bit

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    for that amounnt of cutomers why dont you shift them on to a dedicated server

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    As i say, i not want go dedicated server because i dint want have all the eggs in the same basket, and have not redundancy. I was shoceked when some yeasr ago my first reseller poof without advice and with 60 sites.

    I have some nminor sites with high use of space and low of bandwidth.

    Now i use around 15 reseller packs distributed in a dozen places, i have minor headaches when something go bad, and only go bad around each 2 months.

    About Gazzin, they are great but slow. Let me explain with more detail. I have two reseller with them, in different servers, one in panda for Tomcat, and one in other server, i have assigned hippo. My idea was use Gazzin as "emergency" host, or "backup host".

    For other part, one of my current resellers is in a place without private nameservers, and the annual place final date is in three days.

    One of my resellers was in unit hosting and have no problems last years, but sunday have problems, poff and then i need relocate.

    My first impulse was move some of the sites of the year reseller and some of the unit hosting, to gazzin.

    My exact problem is when i try to upload 300 mb of utilities, in a site crucial to me, i cant. My ftp give me oproblems in the two servers of gazzin, but NOT in the other 8 cpanel i have in other places.

    If i have problems with gazzin only and no problem in theother servers with same ADSL, ftp programa and OS system, the problem are the servers with problems, no ?

    And, extra thing, i discover monday a service called and begin too monitoring each 5 minutes my reseller and customer sites...

    My worries begin when i see the resellers with gazzin are down around 10% of time...

    and the other 90% cant upload in the FTP.

    I hope this go ok today, but if no, i need move. Is strange the fact only have FTP problems in the two gazzin servers, and TWO at the same time.

    But i doubt when i realized i only note the slow and problems now, becvause are my EMERGENCIES servers, and a emergencies without ftp is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    One of the customers i move to hippo is very disapointed with me.

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    As a fair customer i need say Gazzin find a work around, i write about this in the gazzin thread,

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