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    [50% OFF] Valvehosting - Great Support, Competitive prices

    Valve Hosting offer many great hosting deals, We have a 99.9% server uptime guarentee and if you are not sattisfied with our service for whatever reason we have a refunding policy. We also offer 24/7 support in many different ways, a live support system, a ticket system, email support. And for a further 50% off these already cheap prices you can use the coupon code "justinzchan" when you sign up. So, here are the packages:
    400 MB Storage
    10 GB Transfer
    Unlimited POP Accounts
    $4.95 a month
    $2.50 with coupon code

    800 MB Storage
    20 GB Transfer
    Unlimited POP Accounts
    $8.95 a month
    $4.50 with coupon code

    1500 MB Storage
    40 GB Transfer
    Unlimited POP Accounts
    $12.95 a month
    $6.50 with coupon code

    These accounts all include the following features/services:

    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is an international standard in querying and retrieving information from databases. MySQL is essentially an SQL server - it responds to requests for information that are written in SQL. You can communicate with MySQL using a wide variety of programming languages (PHP being one of the most common). MySQL is Open Source software and free for use.

    Unlimited Mailboxes
    POP mail as well as IMAP

    Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Aliases and Auto-Responders
    Control advanced e-mail options in the Control Panel.

    SPAM E-Mail Filtering
    Advanced SPAM E-Mail Filtering using SpamAssasin

    Webmail E-mail
    Secure access to your e-mail boxes from anywhere
    Choose from Horde, Neomail and SquirrelMail webmail interfaces

    Unlimited additional FTP Logins
    User's can upload files without having full access to the account

    Our e-mail techstaff is available 24/7/365

    Supported Scripts
    CGI/Perl, PHP 4.x
    The Scripts Library area provides an easy to use method of installing and uninstalling complex scripts

    Pre-Installed scripts
    Fantastico De Luxe Auto Installer
    Preinstalled Scripts / CGI Center

    Log (web stats) Analysis Tools
    Analog,Webalizer as well as Urchin stats
    Access to the raw Apache logs
    Error log information available in the Control Panel.
    Disk and Bandwidth Usage available daily in the Control Panel.

    Host Multiple Domains
    You can set up a domain name that you own to point to another domain name. This is known as "parking" a domain

    addon domain
    An addon domain is a domain name that that points to a subdirectory within your account.

    Client Portal Access
    Control virtually every aspect of your account securely.

    Server and Network Monitoring
    Every server is monitored for uptime and service quality
    Our network is monitored by Alertra.

    We also have reseller packages,
    If you are interested please goto or you can email me at justinzchan [at]


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    but its only 10% off if I try to signup?

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    Sorry this error will be fixed soon

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