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    Question How to make Flash Templates

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know of any good tutorials for making flash templates... Templates interest me and I would like to learn more about it, but when I search templates I only find templates to buy and free templates to download... Any help would be thankful!!

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    Just look around, check another cool templates, get some inspiration and make one Basically, a template is just like a normal website, so what's the point ?

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    Just learn how to work with flash really, that is all.

    Read some tutorials about flash and experiment with it alot.

    You can learn alot from here

    Another tip is to download/ripp some flash template's and decompile them, so you can see how other people do it. You will be able to see the scripts they use, time lines etc.

  4. i learnt flash templates by swish 2.0 without any help

    now im learning flash in Macromedia Flash MX

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