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    Photoshop displays pictures darker then what, they actually are

    For some reason every copy of adobe photoshop I've used (using cs 2 now) seems to show images darker then what they actually so when I go to use them they are signifcantly lighter then what I was looking at in photoshop.

    Can someone tell me how to get photoshop to see what everthing else sees.

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    Try changing your color settings under preference. Someone I know had a similar problem, he changed his color settings and everything was sorted out.

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    thanks you have no idea how many years thats been annoyng me for

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    I've heard of cases where the opposite effect occurs (images apear darker in the browser than what they do in Photoshop). I'm no expert, however it usually has something to do with your colour management settings and Adobe Gamma profile (Start -->Control Panel --> ...). Try search google on those subject matters, im sure a few articles should pop up
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    adjust the lighting and the colour balance, this also depend on your display card... VGA and XVGA has a very big difference...

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    You may need to calibrate your monitor and use a color profile for your monitor. Sometimes this software costs hundreds. Just make sure it prints in the color shades you want.

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    this happened to me once... i reformated my pc! lol (but i'm not suggesting you do that ) - Defiant to Boundaries
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    Did you reinstall? I have had some odd things happen with 8CS, like text not being able to appear and such, a simple reinstall works!

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    I had this same problem few years ago, i just reinstalled and it fixed the problem.

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    I've never had that problem with CS1.

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