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    Exclamation [wanted] 2 logo designers, need excellent portfolios and Illustrator. 18+ only


    I work for a VERY large logo company (not empirelogo, that is just a side project), they get 100's of logo orders a day. So many orders in fact that they are letting some of their designers refer other designers, currently I can refer two. They don't care how we get them, as long as they do high quality design.

    I know that there are A LOT of good logo designers trolling on these boards (I used to be one of them, haha). So now I'm giving back to this community. The two designers I choose will be making quite a bit of money

    It's like getting a Golden Ticket, haha

    Here is what is needed:

    - You have to be at least 18 years old.
    - You have to show me an IMPRESSIVE and LARGE portfolio
    - You have to use Adobe Illustrator

    Please do not post if you can't meet the above requirements!

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    Also, please note that if I don't see anything that impresses me I will be making no referrals.


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    Thanks for all the instant messages, I have found 2


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    i wouldnt of been to bad for this

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    Re: [wanted] 2 logo designers, need excellent portfolios and Illustrator. 18+ only

    Originally posted by Empire Logo
    ... - You have to use Adobe Illustrator
    Shame, that...

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