Ok I am selling clan sites for CHEAP, 120 (USD) bucks a pop.

What you get is your own custom layout and 2 months free hosting,
the site is coded in cold fusion and comes complete with the following options:

[list=1][*]Custom layout[*]2 months free hosting[*]colf fustion, php, asp, ASP.net, jsp support[*]windows 2003 server[*]15gb bandwidth[*]2 sub domains[*]unlimited email addresses[*]Multi clan support (like if you have your clan in multiple games)[*]multi level roster for each clan[*]custom ranks for each clan[*]news[*]automatically listed downloads section[*]gallery[*]contact form[*]application form[*]links section[*]forums[*]fully automated admin back end that controlls all of the functions above and some that you dont see on the page (such as ftp info and other general page settings)[/list=1]


Hurry dont miss out on this!

if you are interested please go to HERE and contact us directly!