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    How to Offer Free Trial...


    I'm looking for a reliable (non paypal)
    payment solution that will enable me
    to offer a 15 day fr/ee trial, and then
    began billing automatically...

    Anybody know a simple way to do this
    with and/or

    Thank you

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    Anyone? :0)


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    Well, I personally don't offer trial for hosting services, I do offer for software but not for hosting services.

    Anyway, if you plan on doing it, it's very easy, either with 2checkout or

    With a easy way to do it is to simple authorize the sale but not capture it and when/if the customer signs up for the sale you convert the authorized sale and capture it.

    I've signed up in the past for 2checkout account (twice) but wasn't a good experience, nevertheless, if I recall correct when you are creating the products/buttons for the order you have an option there for the trial period or when the credit card will be charged so simple use it.

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    But will the authorization still be good 15 days later? There is definitely some kind of time limit on it (I've heard anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the type of merchant account you have). You may need to authorize the card again before you can settle the transaction.
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    You are right. so I can't see it now but I am sure there is a way. Will reply to this thread when is up

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    How about Stormpay?

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