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    Anyone co-located with I have a few questions?

    I am thinking of colocating my new server with I would like to hear from past or present people who have co-located with I have a few questions. ( I did do a search and did not find what I am looking for.)

    1. How is their network? (ping times, uptime ect)
    2. How well do they handle a support ticket?
    3. Have you had any problems with their service? ( If so please explaine)
    4. Would you recomend their service?
    5. How long have you been with

    If there is anything that I left out and you think I should know please list it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Post GRRRR - I am Happy

    We market under a lot of different names - and provide different services.

    We currently use 5 data centers including BurstNet, ThePlanet and others.

    We have been with BurstNet for roughly 6 months or so. We have been very pleased with the level of service.

    I have recently moved much of our business into their network. by providing an upgraded network, 24 hour support, technicians who you can speak with that will physically walk to your server and then come back to the phone vs. most other providers, a sales department that will call you back even @ odd hours to ensure your satisfaction, a cold coke when your sitting there working on 5 or so new servers @ a time, assistance with OS Reloads, etc.... I have to say that Nocster / BurstNet is a great place to host with.

    Their pricing is excellent - even for dedicated racks as well as bandwidth (such as a 5mbps connection and rack for a great price!)

    What one must realize is that all providers go through some hard times for one reason or another - heck I was using a provider recently who just happened to loose power and did not have their HVAC system connected properly (or so we were told) to the generators - and thus had to shut down all our servers in their location (not just ours but everyones...)

    remember - it is important however that one understand that it is rare that someone goes out and says "GREAT SERVICE" vs. "They Stink..."

    Have I had issues with BurstNet, yes - same with ThePlanet, same with EV1 - however I have found that Burstnet -over thePlanet or EV1 to be more responsible and caring in the way they handled the issues.

    A few things I could suggest for any company you decide upon.

    1. Get to know the sales guy - He gets paid only if you pay, Therefore he wants to make sure your happy.

    2. Get to know the techs - send them a joke via IM once in a while - believe me - this works wonders - Become their friend - not just a client - (no matter what company you use!)

    To be fair - I will outline the issues that I have had with Burstnet as well as the other top 2 providers.


    • network downtime - small hickup - but they have upgraded their network and no issues since.
    • have to make an appointment to come in and work on my servers - just a heads up really here - but still a pain vs. other facilities where I have a keycard and can come in and do what I need to 24 hours a day

    • took over 24+ hours to verify that a hard drive was bad
    • took over 24+ to do an OSReload
    • Same Server Killed 2 Hard drives in less than 30 days brand new - had to fight for over 5 hours to get a chassis swap
    • tech support agents level 1 tell you that you need to ssh into your windows boxes on a regular basis

    • poor ip architecture / subnetting
    • Todl you need to do an OS Reload for any issue
    • level 1 techs many unsure how to help clients
    • Have no escallation procedures
    • Departmentalization - no one takes ownership of issues
    • Phone support states they cannot speak w/ NOC techs on a regular basis - although it is possible for someone to speak with them .
    • (could go on and on here)

    for Rackshack - I finally put the crack back on the Rack and moved on...

    • Routing Issues -
    • Latency
    • No Public MRTG
    • No Private MRTG
    • No Tipping Point
    • Lack of Multiple Upstream Providers

    In short - call everyone you do business with - or are thinking of doing business with.

    ask yourself:

    1. Can I call 24 hours a day
    2. Will they support my issue 24 hours a day - or just answer the phone and then place the issue in Q
    3. Scalability - can I add more servers to my solution and share my bandwidth at a lower cost - ie - 1 box costs $100 with x mount of bandwidth - but can you add a 2nd box for only a few dollars more and share that bandwidth vs. paying for multiple accounts?
    4. Technicians - do they know their stuff

    when searching for a provider - I have been pleased to find BurstNet. do I continue to search - yes - but with over 50+ servers now its not wise to keep all the eggs in 1 basket anyhow...

    Kind Regards

    Glenn Kelley
    President, Hostmedic LLC

  3. Good Review


    Zen Interactive has used several co-lo companies out there. We currently use for all of our Co-Lo needs. They have always gone out of their way to keep us happy and always willing to make deals for custom packages. They are always improving their services and I do not regret the decision to use their services.

    I plan on hosting more machines with them in the near future and I recomend them to other companies large or small.

    We have almost 2000 clients of our own running on the servers located at their facility. This shows our trust in their services and their stability.

    David Jackson
    Zen Interactive

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    thanks avatar -

    I now host well over 4500 domains there and more coming

    some have trashed them and stated that their network stinks for games etc...

    I would say just the opposite.

    With networks like here on the Northeast unable to provide the quaility bandwidth needed for gaming - and networks like Nocster/Burstnet with the ability to do so -

    I find them to be a great resource.

    interesting enough - i was introducted to Burst by another guy here in the forums called servers4sale.

    if you are interested in testing their network - speed etc.
    they offer a free 30 day vps (or at least used to)

    I personally am not a vps fan - but test their network free for 30 days (how many other guys out there let you do that!)

    I hope that this does not break the terms or whatever to suggest - but if you go to their website and then click on VPS - you will see that you can try it out free -

    No cost to you - of course only 1 domain and 1 ip but still worth it .

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    Re: Anyone co-located with I have a few questions?

    Originally posted by Soulwatcher1974
    I would like to hear from past or present people who have co-located with

    We've been with Burst for a portion of our servers for over a year and a half (grown to multiple racks at this point there), and simply put this is the best 'service' i have seen from any internet provider. Trouble tickets responded to within minutes, human response for colocustomers even at 3 in the morning for a kvm-cable swap is done in under 30 minutes. Network speeds are great, ping times are great (unless you hit their recently added Cogent network paths). There have been some network issues over the past 90 days, but Burst has been addressing them - overall I would recomend these guys hands down, I dont think there is a better value in the colocation market today.

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