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    Problem Connecting to my site

    I've had a site up for a while now, and usually never have problems with it. Its a phpbb site, with IntegraMod installed.

    Last night I installed vWar mod for my clan, putting it on a seperate database then my sites db, but the files for the mod I put with my site.
    When done, everything looked and worked fine. , my site worked fine. worked as it shoudl also.

    This morning when I went to check, I couldnt connect at all. Its like the site doesnt exsist, just for me. Others can connect, but I get page could not be found. Address cant be found in a traceroute as well. I was just wondering if anyone here could tell me what would cause just my site to act like it doesnt exsist to just me? If someone could just point me in some direction, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm an amatuer webmaster lol. Thanks in advance.

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    Found the problem. My provider informed me today after I emailed them that my domain reg was expired. And here I went and un-did all the work I did last night. Greeaaat.

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