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    full hosting site [for sale]

    looking to sell this site i designed. [ really want to keep it but need to raise some cash for other personal projects]

    includes advanced flash menu , full .psds , 3d rendered logo bit , pixel icons , illustrated servers,integrated with modernbill (+owned lciense) and comdev admin suite

    click here

    also will bundle the domain .. as i am NOT SELLING MY DOMAIN jus the design.

    pretty much ready to go if you want to start a hosting business this will give you the ideal stepping stone.

    [ serious offers only ]

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    Do you have price range in mind.

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    Price range would be nice

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    I could use it for a site I have in mind.
    For everything: $3,500.00.
    - Aaron
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    thanks for the offer AF .. i have contacted you via PM.. i would like to keep the sale open for at least another day until i get a few more offers..


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