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    AOL is on the 2GB bandwagon, too.

    Go ahead. Hoard.
    AIM(r) Mail gives you 2GBs of storage.

    Free AIM(r) Mail also lets you...

    -Reduce password overload.
    You only have to log in once to access both your AIM Mail and your

    -Be spontaneous.
    Respond to an IM with either an email or an IM.

    -Exude that confident glow.
    We've got you covered with industry-leading spam and virus

    -Preserve important relationships.
    Unsend an email sent to an AOL or IM address. Unless it's been
    opened, in which case you're on your own.

    -Secretly indulge in obsessive behavior.
    Check to see if an email you've sent has been read by its recipient.
    Check again. And again.

    -Do it your way.
    You can easily access your AIM Mail from Microsoft Outlook or any
    other IMAP-compliant email program.

    Sign up for your very own AIM Mail account.

    I've bolded a few things AOL has that GMail etc don't... sounds like it's geared for 12 year olds, but still interesting regardless. I doubt it will make too much impression on anyone who is tech savvy, especially with [email protected] as the email address.

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    In aol/compuserve, it seems that the max you can keep an e-mail is for 30 days. Before the system delete unopen 30 days old mail...

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