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    Paypal & CC newbie question


    I'm building a site and i am going to sell a single product(maybe few more in the future).

    I know scripts like zencart and oscommerce, but i am looking for something very simple.

    I want to accept paypal and major CC companies as payment methods and that's it.

    Anyone knows what script i should be using? zencart is heavy for me...

    I'm looking for something just to proccess the payment, whichout a site portal...

    Something that will only give the option "Paypal / Credit Card" and that's it.

    I'll be happy for recommendations...


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    If I'm not wrong, Paypal has a shopping cart you can use for free. Accepts Payal/CC.
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    If I'm not wrong, Paypal has a shopping cart you can use for free. Accepts Payal/CC.
    Nope not wrong at all, and they also have paypal account optional where as your shoppers/buyers (in certain countries) would not even need to have a paypal account to pay through your buy now/website payments setup/buttons. They also have that new Paypal Website Payments Pro as well (mind you that tacks on a monthly fee for the services).

    In any case wish ya the best of luck Rorax and if you have questions remember wht is always here full of people with a knowledge to various company's services.

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    There is a new service that you may be interested:

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    what type of merchandise are you selling ?

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