I can confirm that Idologic has purchased Ripplehost. We have the details required to post on the forums and some other details. We are still looking over the account details and are trying to make sense of everything.

I have contacted the data center to try to get Ripplehosts outstanding bills paid. They have not responded yet. We are looking at moving all accounts over to our own servers in our data center to try to restore reliablity.

All current Ripplehost clients will have their accounts remain active for the duration of their contracts. The business plan is subject to review and so pricing may change, but this will not effect current accounts still active.

All registered Ripplehost clients have been contacted. Some have fled to other hosts due to the outages. We are sorry for their experiences. Ripplehost was a good host until recently. We will assist them in recovering their files.

When the dust settles we will also be trying to figure out how to improve service and reliablity.

Any questions can be directed to us Idologic.