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    Automatic Plesk

    Ok, this is my dilima. What I have is a dedicated server with Plesk. I need to beable to automate plesk, via PHP. However I'm unsure of how to do it. What I'm wanting to do is automate plesk so it can create user accounts, for users who sign up.

    I've seen this done with cPanel (Creating an Email account)

    //Ok, It wont' allow me to post the example code, I guess it sees it as a link to another site and its says I can't post links till I've made 5 no expample \\

    I was wondering if something similar could be done with Plesk to create user accounts? I've researched, the topic but have found nothing, besides people saying they can do it. I'm interested in knowing *how* to do it

    If you can give me examples...or point me to a website or another thread, that I've been unable to find, on how to automate Plesk to do this kind of task, I'd be *most* appriciative.

    Many thanks to all, ahead of time!

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    are you wanting to do this with your own custom software?

    most of the major billing packages (ie modernbill) already have thi s built in

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    OMG This I didn't know. I looked this stuff up on the web and everyone kept talking about wanting to interface with modern bill *And* automating plesk. So modern bill will create accounts throgh plesk, along with adding the domain name and everything?

    I just want to reitterate that *just* to be certain, if it does...then...I believe that will be what I go with!

    Thanks TulipSystems and sorry for not being so knowledgable in the aspects of hosting stuff. This is my first attempt at getting started, though I run a free hosting service I programmed, so I'm experienced with *Providing* the hosting...Just not what software and everything to use for interfacing with Plesk and billing and all that ^..^

    Thanks so much again!

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    To 'drive' Plesk you need to read the API guide on their website. The main thing you need to know about Plesk is that it is more secure that others and does not have a PHP-direct interface you can call, instead, you have to create Plesk commands in a file and let the root user (through a cron job usually) run those commands using the plesk utilities.

    In particular, you want the command line interface docs.

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