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    Putting my server to work?

    I have a dedicated server that I am not really using right now. It is costing me $100/month. I have it configured and set up perfectly right now, which took me a while. I do plan on running future sites on there, but right now I do not have the time to work on them.

    In addition the $100 is a good plan for the money, and I don't want to lose that rate.

    So my question is - what is the best way I can put this server to work and at least break even with it? Any thing other than offering hosting?


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    what OS is it?

    you could sell game servers, teamspeak servers, ftp backup space, etc

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    It is redhat. What is involved in setting up those services?

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    setting up game servers depends on how beefy the hardware is.
    Teamspeak servers are a breeze, and just require that you download the admin tool at

    The problem is, you have to pay per slot if you're selling TS servers for profit.

    Shoutcast servers are another good option if you've got a decent amount of bandwidth on the box.

    All services listed above require minimal installation via the commandline, but teamspeak is the only one that has it's own web control interface.


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