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    Where is


    I see that the owner of posts here often. I signed up for an account on the website 2 days ago, and have not heard anything back from them yet.

    Does anyone have their contact information where I could reach them?

    The reason for me posting is this in hopes to having the owner see the message and contact me. This is not to give their company a bad name or anything. Please contact me

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    chica go go
    The Agency, LLC
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    That's who's listed in the whois records.

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    There is no answer on the phone, I do not wish to keep calling.

    Is there any other website that sells enom accounts and has a quick/instant setup?

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    Originally posted by WN-Ali
    Is there any other website that sells enom accounts and has a quick/instant setup?
    Here are a few that I know of: - I signed up with them late last year, but they were sold recently, and I think the new owner is the same as the new owner of I remember the setup being fast at the time, though. - I signed up with them recently, and the setup was very fast as well (around an hour and a half). - Supposedly offer refunds similar to NZ and DR, but I haven't tried them so I don't know how reliable they are.

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    or you can have a look at the domain names offers and requests forum, there is alot of offers.
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    I have gotten an enom account, thank you all for your help! Apparently has still not responded, too bad.

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    Domainresell changed hands a while back. Some of their sub-accounts (including mine) had some prices whacked for some reason a few days ago and they've been putting their time & effort on getting those straightened out. It's actually reassuring to know that they are putting their current clients first. A lot of (junk) business entities would continue to sign up new clients while putting existing clients on the back-burner.

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    same whit transfer price is more spencive.....really sad!

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