We at Zero-Five Studios, are looking for someone who knows the basic and advanced fundamentals and knowledge of Flash actionscript communications with external protocols such as PHP, and accessing MySQL Databases through PHP/HTML/Pearl/CGI - whatever the situation may need.

Also, this person should know how to program and access the MySQL database with extensive experience in PHP and the other listed programming languages, among others. Experience in programming a stable and secure communications database in the form of Actionscript data transfer to server databases, and the knowledge of community forums data communication.

If you feel you fit this profile and are working freelance, please direct an email to Raposo @ Zero-Five.net

Please include any examples of past work that relate to the type of work we are looking for, so that we may make the best decision in who to chose for this job and perhaps more jobs in the near future.

Thank you for your time. Best regards,

Jason Raposo
Graphic Designer