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    paypal payments pro shopping cart?

    I have a few clients who may be interested in the web payments pro option for selling items on their sites and i have looked through the shopping cart options listed on paypal and am not too impressed with any of them.
    The problem is that most of the clients that would be interested in using paypal are not interested in spending a lot of money on their website, so even though i have a cartweaver license already, for me to develop my own shopping card would not be worthwhile (especially since i would have to worry about ssl since the cart would be on my own servers). i kind of like because its inexpensive and functional but i don't like that i have to store the product info on my own server. i would like a hosted soltion that is something like mals but where the product database is stored on their servers.

    any suggestions?

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    Let me try to understand.

    You want to have a shopping cart solution that is hosted somwhere else and using paypal?

    How much are you able to pay a month for that? there are a lot of solutions out there for a small monthly price and includes the shopping cart and hosting.
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    well, I know my host, powervps provides agora shopping cart for free with cpanel (php) - integrates with paypal and others, I believe it also has integration for shipping with ups, fedex.

    Not sure if I understood exactly what you're asking, but there it is.

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    hey thanks for the reply. unfortunately agora cart will not work for me. In this case i am the web host and i am not lookign for a product/script to install on my server, i am looking for a hosted shopping cart solution. So the user goes to the site hosted on my server, then when they click the products link, they are taken to the catalog/shoppign cart stored on the 3rd party hosted shopping cart's web site. the user then selects their products and submits payment via paypal pro and is returned to my server.

    doing it this way makes it easier so that i dont have to store any customer information on my server and dont have to worry about ssl on my server.

    it makes it easier for me and therefore cheaper for the client. and that is the key with these particular clients who dotn want to spend much money on their site.

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    Google got me this link for 3rd party remotely hosted shopping carts, might have something for you:

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    Originally posted by bdee1
    the user then selects their products and submits payment via paypal pro and is returned to my server.

    Hosted your shopping cart on other server is easier but I think it's a bit difficult to find a shopping cart fully intergrate with Paypal Payment Pro.
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