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    Need of a server

    Am planning on reopening my site which i started last year. My site used to eat up about 200gb-400gb bw/month. So this time am going for 800gb-1000gb/month just incase i might need it which i dont think i wll ever need thou.
    I looked at a few hosting companies thru this forum and i found managed dot com is out of stock! layeredtech has a high setup fees which am trying to avoid
    My price range is $60 u.s. Could someone tell me a good hosting service which will meet my needs?
    Thank you very much

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    Welcome to the forum.

    For LayeredTech LT-XP-2400 :

    $65.00 (Plus One-time Setup Fee of $19.00)

    Do you call $19 high setup fee?
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    For the range of prices you are looking for you have the follow companies:


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    Thank you for a warm welcome maxo.
    Wasnt the setup fees for LT $99? Am living in Canada, so that 99 means about 130 for me. Am not renting a server for a company or so on. i'm renting it cuz I like working on sites.

    @ DediPlace. My server requirements isnt very much because am goign to make a site just so i have something to do for my free time. I dont mind a cel 2ghz 512 ram, 40 and up hard disk.

    @NocVision Thank you for those sites, i will look into them.

    Thanks alot guys, am very open if you have anything to say please do.

    @maxo, sorry i thought it was $99 because i went under "Servers. but on their main page it says $19.99
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