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    Reseller hosting that accepts e-gold payments


    this is my first post here great community.

    I need a reseller package from a reliable provider which is ready to accept e-gold payments because I do not have credit card. I am ready to spend about $10 - $15 monthly.

    I already looked in the offers forums but couldn’t find any. Even the Search didn’t get me to any results.

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    Please use the "Host Quote" feature on WHT, I'm sure you'll have better luck there.
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    Also try contacting the hosts, I havent seen many that accept e-gold and other e-currencys like e-gold, but i do know they exist...
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    Yes e-gold is popular with some hosts, so look at the offers section and then if you like an offer ask for payment options you will find one i am sure. for all your Windows Hosting needs.
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    Thanks for all your replies. I already used the host quote but it seems the providers who send me offers do not read my requirements at all.

    It seems also that I violated some terms on the forum and received 1 warning point for this post already. I am sorry for that.

    Still haven't found anything that fit my needs though, even haven't found a single one that accept e-gold.

  6. #6 offers excellent Hosting & Registration services. They accept E-Gold.

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