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    IP request help needed


    We are a small e-commerce provider and not very familiar with hosting industry. Hopefully some one can help us with our issue.
    As I said, we build ecommerce websites and host our client's websites on our layeredtech dedicated server. We got an initial amount of IP's but now we need more. All our customers need their own SSL, that's why we need dedicated IP for every customer and domain name.
    As I understand, we need to fill in IP request form at layeredtech. However, they ask to justify them and provide all the domain names that will be using new IP's. How can we do that? We don't know all our feature customer's domain names.
    I believe that this is a common question, however I couldn't find a simple answer. So hopefully you guys can help us.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Andrius,

    Welcome to WHT!

    Just fill up the form in LT support site then provide them all the domains of your clients that need SSL and they will provide you an ip.

    LT just need those domains of your clients.
    Specially 4 You
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    Than you for your reply.
    At the moment we have only 2 new customers that will need SSL. And they provide IP's in bundles. 8 is smallest amount. Will it be sufficient if we provide 2 domain names only?

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