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    I am looking for a new reliable host. Pair.COM is look like a good choice as relieble hosting company for shared hosting because of price/performance.

    But, their database usage policy at:


    is too harsh. Even their most expensive shared plans, they have 15 concurrent query limit.

    If you has one moderate site, 300-400 hundred unique users per day with 3000-5000 pageviews per day on a regular CMS system, you hit this 15 concurrent query limit easy. Because there will be peak times that has higher request than normal.

    1500 queries/hour thing is bad also. If you have CMS on your site, will have 10-30 queries per request, and that will 70 users per hour maximim.

    so, what you think? You think these limits are OK for moderate sites?

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    The limit should be no problem, and their policy is just to ensure every site can be running smoothly in a shared enviornment.
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    People do report problems with out of box CMS's that have 10-30 queries like you suggest.

    If you have a busy site, and you don't feel like optimizing this in some way, then you may have problems.

    There is a price to pay to be able to offer a stable shared environment.

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    I don't think they're actually all too bad. They're obviously only in place to regulate CPU & RAM utilization on the servers. I personally think that can handle a decently sized site.

    Good luck.

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    I have been hosting large number of sites with since last over 2 years and very few shared hosts can compete with them when it comes to uptime. Having said that some of their policies like the database usage limits are simply ridiculous. Latest hardware that is available in the market now a days like dual Xeon servers with 2 GB or more RAM are really cheap and they can take much more load.

    Most of the servers that is using have low end Pentium-4 or AMD Athlon CPUs as is mentioned on their site:

    It is about time they upgrade those P4 1800 MHz database servers to dual Xeons and put less restrictions on their customers.

    I have a feeling that sigma will add to this thread soon

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    A host that has limits and enforced them is a responsible host. Is better to see limits than unlimited.

    I do agree that if you are whiling to pay more then your allocated resources should be also bigger. Try finding a reliable host and may be whiling to customize a package for you.
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    I have to agree with the op here... I wanted to signup with Pair for a friend's site couple of months ago. The site is running on mambo, and it is a pretty small one consuming about 3-4 Gbs of bandwidth. So, I though I should sign up for the Advanced housting at Pair. But, after some calculations, found out that mambo is sending about 70 queries for the home page (takes about 2-3 seconds to generate), which meant only 20 users can connect / hour (assuming users start with the homepage). After the home page, it sends about 20 queries per page which take 1-2 seconds to generate on moderate hardware.

    Then I thought, what the hell, I would get the WebMaster account and did some detailed calculations. And, found out that the site was reaching about 10-12 concurrent users for a short time period about 4-5 times a day... Since the site was growing at that time, I did not want to take the risk of exceeding 15 concurrent users at a time. In fact, I asked my friend to contact pair about this, and they suggested her to get a high end account for ~ $100+ / month, and since it was ridiculous to pay that much for such a small site, we went with futurequest...

    I am very well aware of the fact that quality comes with its price tag and Pair is very reliable and all. But, the limit that pair is setting for database usage is very tight I think, especially when you compare this limit with the bandwidth + disk space they are offering. And, not being able to install a relatively small Mambo site on a $30/month account does not reason well with me, but hey that is just me.

    Also, what iThink said above has been bothering me as well. I have no idea why they are using such low-end HW, and coming up with such tough rules for db usage, especially while hw prices are soo low these days.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents.

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