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    easy space local path for uploads on the website

    support at easy space seem to be mis-understanding my question and i have had enough of phoning them at my great expense to get a simple question answered. Also there faq/knowledge base doesn't hold the answer.

    my question - what is the loacal path that i need to add to one of my scripts so users can upload a pic to my webspace

    (example /home/user/public_html/ photos/)

    webspace is with easyspace.



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    If you pull up a phpinfo() (if you use php) you will find it in there... but i dont think this is the right area for this question.
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    Well, have you tried /home/user/public_html/photos ?

    Also, you could find out for yourself by doing the following:

    In Windows:
    Go to the "start menu"
    Click "Run"
    Type "CMD"
    Type "ftp" at the dos prompt
    type "open"
    enter your username and password
    type "pwd"

    The result will be your "current working directory". If you want your photos directory.

    "cd www"
    "cd photos"


    "cd public_html"
    "cd photos"


    "cd photos"

    type pwd again and you should get your "photo's path"

    This, of course, will not work if you are using a "chrooting" FTP server, like pure-ftpd. It will simply show up as / or /public_html/photos
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    thanks for the help Sheps,

    that has got me the info I needed.



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