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    Talking advice?

    i dont know if this would go here but i am programming a game site of course they are not my games but games by people who have put credit in their flash games for their selves/sites. The game site would be very well programmed with rates and reviews etc. It would also have reviews of console games and a forum, i'm expecting it to have loooads of members as i have a lot of webbuddys with webbuddys . But I was wondering should i get a server for it. I certainly have the cash for it 120 a month and i want to make other sites but do you reckon suched a long coded and fully complicated coded site should use a server or just a very huge hosting account the worrys for me is i want to be able to manage it and i dont know if i could hack it, advise please, hope this is the write forum - mike

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    If you know how to administer a server with regards to security etc fully then go for a dedicated server.
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