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    * Fraud....

    What is the best way to handle Fraud... we have had several purchases with stolen cards everything veryfies even the customers addresses! These guys are good !!!

    So what should I do now! Out a TON of money

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    We use, it does help us in pre-screen all our orders and eliminate numbers of frauds, not 100% though.
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    Yah , no matter what we do... it's just a constant problem we have to deal with! This time I am going after it though, "street Justice" I am hiring a PI

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    I would like to suggest its far better to prevent the frauds by taking some special measurement as below rather than falling into the trap of fraud.

    1. You should review the orders carefully.

    2. Verify the credit card information and the address.

    3. More vigilant if order has been sent through free email service.

    4. You should be suspicious if they are choosing expensive offers.

    5. Use caller ID, a voice mail box to record the ID or voice when its look suspicious.

    6. You should check the domain name corresponding to the email address.

    7. You should call the customer over phone to clear your confusion if so.

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    MaxMind works good. Have you tried that and the standard package they have is free.

    They have a web based interface for checking it and several kits in several platforms for automating the process.

    Works good. I recommend it

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    what type of card are they on

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    My MaxMind account doesn't have that limit (Maybe it's a new rule now but my account - Free) doesn't have that limit.

    My Limit are:

    1000 free queries remaining in your account
    600 queries with city remaining in your account
    0 premium queries with city remaining

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    Yes. Agree

    My count is very old and was opened when they lunch their site so

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    Wrong thread. Sorry. Please delete

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    If you are using WHM autopilot, Modernbill, clientexec, and other billing sistems, never enable the automatic account creation....

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