I have a domain that I don't really have time anymore to mess with.

I haven't gotten it going really, but So far in july I have had 202 unique hosts according to analog stats via cpanel.

the domain is bf2boards.com

I also have the .net for it as well.

If your interested I do also have


For bf2boards.com in July:

Successful requests: 30,242 (3,032)
Average successful requests per day: 839 (433)
Successful requests for pages: 917 (30)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 25 (4)
Failed requests: 348 (32)
Redirected requests: 2,688 (177)
Distinct files requested: 310 (136)
Distinct hosts served: 207 (119)
Data transferred: 799.175 megabytes (19.215 megabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 22.187 megabytes (2.745 megabytes)

email me if interested with your price

or msn