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    Pricing for eNom's ID Protect

    I have a couple of questions about eNom's ID Protect service (I asked a similar question in another thread, but I thought it would be better suited as its own thread). First of all, out of curiosity, how much does ID Protect cost for a $6.95 ETP account?

    Second, my reseller account from NameZoom recently had its price for ID Protect raised from $6 to $8, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any ETPs that still offer reseller accounts with $6 (or less) ID Protect pricing, or have they all raised it to $8?

    I would just transfer my domains to a place with cheaper whois privacy protection, but I have reasons for sticking with eNom for a couple of domains, such as their nameserver registration interface and access to Club Drop.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    1- $6
    2- ُi believe ETPs can lower it back again to $6 i just tried it and worked for me, unless your parent (NZ) pricing jump to $8 then he can't do much
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    Thanks for the help, Bashar! I'll try contacting NZ and seeing if I can get the price lowered again, and if not, I guess I'll transfer one of my domains to a registrar with cheaper whois privacy and leave the other in my eNom account (I currently have only 2 domains in my eNom account).

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